Национальное Агентство Прямых Инвестиций
National Agency for Direct Investment

Core Competences

Comprehensive ECM Solutions



* IPO readiness review

* IPO business plan & strategic review

* Preparation of equity story

* Design of communications strategy

* Governance issues assessment

* Advice on optimal offering structure

* Competitive bookrunner selection process

* Accountants and lawyers engagement 


Project Initiation

* Establishing timeframes

* Enforce deadlines

* Facilitate preparation of engagement terms

* Advance addressing of key issues and areas of concern


Structuring and Execution  

* Due diligence process

* Adjustment of transaction structure and timing

* Facilitate preparation of listing documentation

* Assistance with management presentation and analysts meetings

* Communication with third parties

* Early market testing


Pricing and Closing

* Contribution to the list of potential investors

* Analysis and interpretation of investors feedback

* Facilitation efficient pre-marketing and bookbuilding process

* Advice on pricing and offering size during bookbuilding process

* Documentation flows among different members of the project team


Post-closing undertakings

* Implementation of the public company corporate culture

* Assistance in setup of internal compliance and disclosure infrastructure

* Feedbacks and updates for subsequent capital market deals



Effective Corporate Finance Advisory



Mergers and Acquisitions

* Buy-side

* Sell-side

* Stock-for-stock deals and joint ventures

* Leveraged and management buy-outs

* Spin-offs and reverse takeovers  

Capital Structure Optimization

* Securitization

* Sourcing of debt financing

* Export financing

* Project financing 

Turnaround management

* Restructuring strategy

* Negotiation process

* Solution alternatives


Added Value

Independent advisory support 

Local knowledge and international experience 

Multifunctional approach

Reconciliation of opinions differential

Variety of capital sources 

Effective target and partner engagement 

Communication and cooperation with authorities

Industrial expertise and regional presence

Turnkey solutions and ongoing support






Tel.: +7(499) 968-3825
Email: info@np-capital.com

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Core Competences



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